Communication Lessons from My Nephew

24/08/2023careergrowth, effectivecommunication, emotional intelligence, Employee engagement, interpersonal intelligence, leadership development, soft skills

In Paris, the city I call home🗼, I’ve had the pleasure to spend a few days with my visiting brother, his wife, and their 5-year-old super-observant son. During our leisurely strolls, my usually bubbly nephew would occasionally have a mini outburst at his folks. Little feet stomping. Voice pitching higher. And it wasn’t about wanting … Read More

Stop the burnout cycle, it’s sabotaging what you’re trying to achieve

10/07/2023assertiveness, burnout, leadership development, mentalhealth, work-life balance

It’s Monday, and you’re diligently putting in the work, pushing through the challenges. But here’s a question that deserves your attention: are you unknowingly tiptoeing too close to the burnout bonfire? Through my journey as a leadership coach, I’ve witnessed burnout sneaking up on countless women without warning. Let me walk you through the key … Read More

Personal Branding: Your Secret Weapon to Climbing the Corporate Ladder

15/03/2023art of visibility, careergrowth, effectivecommunication, leadership development

I get it. You are a busy bee manager. You’re working hard every day. You’re solving everyone’s problems. You’re attending all important meetings. You’re always giving so much to everyone. You’re showing up for everyone in your team. What I am puzzled about is… How come with so much dedication you’re still in the background? … Read More

Emotional Intelligence: How to Feel Calm Under Pressure and Show Leadership Presence

23/04/2021emotional intelligence, Employee engagement, Happiness At Work, interpersonal intelligence, leadership development, management, soft skills

 “What can trigger you to have a bad day?“ That’s the question I asked the participants of Elevate, the high impact leadership development programme for women. The training session was on Emotional Intelligence, a key leadership skill. “Stress with my kids,” replied one woman. “People. A bad interaction with someone,” said another lady. “My emotions,” … Read More

Why you don’t get the credit you deserve, or the sticky habit that is costing women career opportunities

05/10/2020art of visibility, Leadership, leadership development, self-promotion, Story-Telling

“My main career challenge is cultural,” confessed Nigella, a new manager at GE Renewable Energy. “I cannot bring myself to talk about myself, my work or my accomplishments. Someone else can do it, but not me. That’s the way I was brought up in my culture of origin.” A lot of women feel the same, … Read More

How to Encourage Leadership Development

04/05/2019coaching, entrepreneurship, Leadership, leadership development, management, startups

“Are leaders born or made?” This age-old question, which is a little too black-and-white, may have a whole lot of gray. Could it be that some people are born with certain leadership predispositions, an innate leadership blue-print to build on…yes! At the same time, there should exist those who lack these inborn leadership characteristics. And this … Read More

8 Ways To Manage Your Boss

29/04/2019art of visibility, emotional intelligence, Employee engagement, goal setting, Happiness At Work, interpersonal intelligence, Leadership, leadership development, management, Mindfulness, soft skills, Uncategorized

If you went to one of my workshops or were part of the group coaching assignments I led, you already heard me speak about the importance of building a healthy positive relationship with one’s boss. There are certain basic skills that everyone should be given access to, in order to succeed in and enjoy their professional life. … Read More