Six Golden Rules for Successful Goal Setting

26/09/2016career transitions, Employee engagement, Happiness At Work, job search, Leadership, Mindfulness, personal branding, work-life balance

How does it feel to be¬†back at work after¬†summer holidays?¬†Are you feeling full of energy and enthusiasm or frustrated about being in the same place and same role? Or are you feeling like‚Ķ Jean-Paul, a senior executive at¬†a private finance¬†firm, who’s been¬†dreaming¬†of launching his own business for¬†years yet does nothing about it? Or Christine, a … Read More

LinkedIn got it wrong, or when is your next work anniversary?

17/05/2016Happiness At Work, job search, LinkedIn, Mindfulness, networking, personal branding, talent management, work-life balance

LinkedIn is an amazing social media tool if you know how to use it to your advantage, to find dream jobs and clients and to network. I absolutely love it. Yet LinkedIn got one detail¬†wrong. On its home page, it features the box ¬ęWays to Keep in Touch¬Ľ. The one that invites you to ¬ęLike¬Ľ … Read More

How to reach your goals in 2016

02/02/2016career transitions, Employee engagement, entrepreneurship, Happiness At Work, job search, Leadership, talent management, work-life balance

Over last month I met quite a few people who told me they were¬†motivated to change their lives or careers this year. ¬†“It’s now or never” said one¬†woman I met. ¬†She was¬†determined to leave her job of 10 years¬†this year before she hit 50. I must have heard this phrase so many times,¬†and especially in … Read More

Lost your ambition? Don’t feel confident at work? Here’s what to do.

01/06/2015career transitions, Employee engagement, Happiness At Work, talent management, Uncategorized, work-life balance

“I don’t have any ambition left.” ¬†“I don’t dream anymore.” ¬†Have you heard those words? ¬†Do these thoughts cross your mind sometimes? ¬† If so, it’s a stark contrast to the surge in enthusiasm you must have felt when you first started your current job/career, isn’t it? Recent studies ¬†show that women tend to lose … Read More

9 Blind Spots That Sabotage Your Career, and How to Beat Them

21/04/2015career transitions, Employee engagement, Happiness At Work, job search, Leadership, talent management, work-life balance

Sophie had been feeling frustrated and stuck in her current position for a few years now.¬† Yet, leaving behind the good salary and stable position for something unknown scared her, so she procrastined and did nothing.¬† When company-wide restructuring was announced with cuts across all levels, she was caught off guard. In the state of … Read More

Dealing with difficult people in 6 simple steps

24/12/2014emotional intelligence, Employee engagement, Happiness At Work, interpersonal intelligence, Leadership, talent management, Uncategorized, work-life balance

‘Difficult¬†‘ or unreasonable people and situations are part of our life ‚Äď both at the workplace and outside.¬†People who can’t stop talking and have an opinion on every issue. People who are demanding and critical, and intimidate others. Grumpy people who complain non-stop. People who don’t deliver or follow through. Or those that are quick … Read More

Hate Your Job? 9 Steps to Follow Before Quitting

06/10/2014career transitions, Employee engagement, Happiness At Work, Mindfulness, talent management, work-life balance

Do you hate your job?¬† You are not alone.¬†This is the most common complaint I‚Äôve heard in my work as a career coach. Just 30% of employees in the U.S.¬†feel engaged at work, according to a 2013 report by¬†Gallup. Around the world the proportion of employees who feel engaged and satisfied at work is a … Read More

Expat Executives: the Secrets to Being Happy and Successful Abroad

12/09/2014career transitions, Employee engagement, expatriation, Leadership, talent management, work-life balance

As more and more companies are expanding operations across borders, there is a growing need for executives to become global managers with a global perspective. It often means a global mindset with a deep understanding of international perspective, cultural portability and cultural intelligence. The biggest challenges faced by global managers working in a 24/7 interconnected … Read More