I get it.

You are a busy bee manager.

You’re working hard every day.
You’re solving everyone’s problems.
You’re attending all important meetings.
You’re always giving so much to everyone.
You’re showing up for everyone in your team.

What I am puzzled about is…

How come with so much dedication you’re still in the background?

How come you’re not being strategic and proactive,
and not making the time for building a strong brand?

Let me let you in on a secret:

You don’t get ahead in your career by doing good work and hoping someone notices.

Want a shortcut to climbing the corporate ladder?

Build your personal brand.

Building a strong, visible personal brand not only opens up external opportunities…

It also elevates your chances at your current company.

It makes your position at your 9-5 a lot stronger.

Because your personal brand is essentially your reputation at scale.

4 specific situations when a strong personal brand elevates your career:

Your achievements are known solely internally,
and your reputation is tied to your company.
➔ Raise your profile.
Don’t just sit and wait for recognition.
Position yourself as industry leader.

You are not known to the executive team.
➔ Get noticed by the C-suite.
If you’re 3-4 levels removed from the CEO, they won’t know who you are. You don’t move in the same circles. But if you post valuable content internally and externally, they’ll see it, including on their LinkedIn feed.

You want to get promoted.
➔ Become the MVP in leadership discussions.
Here’s how those conversations usually go in a corporate setting: HR puts forward a name to the management team. If one leader advocates for you? Tough luck with that promotion. If 6/8 leaders vouch for you? The golden ticket is yours. Create your ticket via personal branding and strategic networking (both are taught in our Inner Circle programme.)

You want to become a board member (so many companies are looking for women like you, so the timing is perfect now!)
➔ You need to have social proof and be seen as a recognised expert in your field, so that the boards seek you out. We’ve come the full circle: establish a strong, visible personal brand and build thought leadership.

Other situations where establishing a strong personal brand is important:

You want to switch companies.
You want to venture out on your own.
You would like speaking opportunities.
Your company is about to get acquired.
You would like more and better clients.
You would like to appear in the media.

Btw – these are all real situations, taken from my client cases.

I’ll repeat, so it lands:
You don’t get ahead in your career by doing good work and hoping someone notices.

➔ Instead, you’ve got to be your own best damn PR manager.

Ready to get out of the shadows and elevate your career and leadership?

Ready for some well-deserved recognition?

Always rooting for you,