Communication Lessons from My Nephew

24/08/2023careergrowth, effectivecommunication, emotional intelligence, Employee engagement, interpersonal intelligence, leadership development, soft skills

In Paris, the city I call homeūüóľ, I’ve had the pleasure to spend a few days with my visiting brother, his wife, and their 5-year-old super-observant son. During our leisurely strolls, my usually bubbly nephew would occasionally have a mini outburst at his folks. Little feet stomping. Voice pitching higher. And it wasn’t about wanting … Read More

This is why you are stressed and frustrated!

07/06/2023burnout, effectivecommunication, emotional intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, management

Are you feeling stressed out? Frustrated? Well, one reason for that might be because your needs aren’t being met. And… you’re not being assertive about them. Assertiveness and Emotional Intelligence training are two important pillars of my Elevate leadership accelerator for women, and for a good reason: we, women, often feel an emotion, e.g. frustrated, … Read More

Managing Up: How to Succeed with Any Type of Boss

21/02/2023careergrowth, emotional intelligence, Employee engagement, Happiness At Work, interpersonal intelligence, management, self-promotion, talent management

Your relationship with your boss is the most important relationship at work. If you have a good relationship with your manager, they will be more likely to trust you, give you important assignments, and advocate for you when it comes time for raises and promotions. On the other hand, if you have a bad relationship … Read More

Emotional Intelligence: How to Feel Calm Under Pressure and Show Leadership Presence

23/04/2021emotional intelligence, Employee engagement, Happiness At Work, interpersonal intelligence, leadership development, management, soft skills

¬†“What can trigger you to have a bad day?“ That’s the question I asked the participants of Elevate, the high impact leadership development programme for women. The training session was on Emotional Intelligence, a key leadership skill. “Stress with my kids,” replied one woman. “People. A bad interaction with someone,” said another lady. “My emotions,” … Read More

8 Ways To Manage Your Boss

29/04/2019art of visibility, emotional intelligence, Employee engagement, goal setting, Happiness At Work, interpersonal intelligence, Leadership, leadership development, management, Mindfulness, soft skills, Uncategorized

If you went to one of my workshops or were part of the group coaching assignments I led, you already¬†heard me speak¬†about the importance of building a healthy positive relationship with one’s boss. There are certain basic skills that everyone should be given access to, in order to succeed in and enjoy their professional life. … Read More

How To Be A Great Manager

29/04/2019emotional intelligence, Employee engagement, Happiness At Work, interpersonal intelligence, Leadership, leadership development, management, soft skills, talent management

A day after Saint Valentin, the day that celebrates¬†romantic love, I¬†feel inspired to talk about our need to feel supported and nurtured at work.¬†Given that we¬†spend¬†the mind-blowing 23 percent or more of our total lifetime working, it’s only normal that we want a tiny dose of that fuzzy special feeling that we automatically expect from … Read More

Get in the driver’s seat of your career!

06/11/2017art of visibility, career transitions, Employee engagement, entrepreneurship, goal setting, Happiness At Work, interpersonal intelligence, job search, networking, personal branding, self-promotion, soft skills, Uncategorized, visibility

(First published in the international women‚Äôs business magazine, BusinessOFeminin.) How are you feeling about your current job? ¬†Let me guess. The chances are you are not very satisfied. ¬†If so, you are not alone. ¬†Studies show that up to 75% of employees globally feel unhappy at work. At a time of high unemployment and lacklustre … Read More

On the Power of Story-Telling

07/03/2016career transitions, cover letters and resumes, Employee engagement, entrepreneurship, Happiness At Work, interpersonal intelligence, job search, Leadership, LinkedIn, personal branding, talent management

Last week during my trip to London, I was reminded of the incredible power of story-telling¬†when¬†I saw¬†was The Encounter by Simon McBurney and his Complicite group. It was a transporting show and¬†the story-telling in its most imaginative form. For days afterwards, I¬†kept on thinking of its¬†multi-dimensional plot¬†set deep in¬†the Amazonian rainforest. That’s what a well-told¬†story … Read More

Dealing with difficult people in 6 simple steps

24/12/2014emotional intelligence, Employee engagement, Happiness At Work, interpersonal intelligence, Leadership, talent management, Uncategorized, work-life balance

‘Difficult¬†‘ or unreasonable people and situations are part of our life ‚Äď both at the workplace and outside.¬†People who can’t stop talking and have an opinion on every issue. People who are demanding and critical, and intimidate others. Grumpy people who complain non-stop. People who don’t deliver or follow through. Or those that are quick … Read More