Take Up Space

17/11/2022assertiveness, career transitions, careergrowth, Leadership

Are you hamster-wheeling your way to career success? You are not alone. Most women work really hard, going above and beyond every day, focusing on finishing their super long to-do-lists. This is how we’ve been raised: girls, more than boys, get assigned daily tasks to do at home, which they should finish diligently and quietly. … Read More


09/11/2022burnout, career transitions, Leadership, work-life balance

You’ve heard the news, my friend: women managers and executives are leaving companies in the largest numbers. Yet for every 5 women who have moved on to the greener pastures, there are 50 more who are ploughing through, stressed, putting up with microaggressions, feeling under-valued and pushing to prove themselves over and over. IIf you … Read More

Why you don’t get the credit you deserve, or the sticky habit that is costing women career opportunities

05/10/2020art of visibility, Leadership, leadership development, self-promotion, Story-Telling

“My main career challenge is cultural,” confessed Nigella, a new manager at GE Renewable Energy. “I cannot bring myself to talk about myself, my work or my accomplishments. Someone else can do it, but not me. That’s the way I was brought up in my culture of origin.” A lot of women feel the same, … Read More

How to lead your remote team effectively

27/05/2020Leadership, remotework

Some say it takes three weeks to form a new habit. Yet weeks into the Covid19 pandemic your team struggles to work remotely. Alarmingly, studies say that only 16% of employees have ever had any virtual team specific business training to help them perform effectively As a leader of a now-virtual team, failing to acknowledge the magnitude … Read More

How to Encourage Leadership Development

04/05/2019coaching, entrepreneurship, Leadership, leadership development, management, startups

“Are leaders born or made?” This age-old question, which is a little too black-and-white, may have a whole lot of gray. Could it be that some people are born with certain leadership predispositions, an innate leadership blue-print to build on…yes! At the same time, there should exist those who lack these inborn leadership characteristics. And this … Read More