Communication Lessons from My Nephew

24/08/2023careergrowth, effectivecommunication, emotional intelligence, Employee engagement, interpersonal intelligence, leadership development, soft skills

In Paris, the city I call homeđź—Ľ, I’ve had the pleasure to spend a few days with my visiting brother, his wife, and their 5-year-old super-observant son. During our leisurely strolls, my usually bubbly nephew would occasionally have a mini outburst at his folks. Little feet stomping. Voice pitching higher. And it wasn’t about wanting … Read More

This is why you are stressed and frustrated!

07/06/2023burnout, effectivecommunication, emotional intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, management

Are you feeling stressed out? Frustrated? Well, one reason for that might be because your needs aren’t being met. And… you’re not being assertive about them. Assertiveness and Emotional Intelligence training are two important pillars of my Elevate leadership accelerator for women, and for a good reason: we, women, often feel an emotion, e.g. frustrated, … Read More

Personal Branding: Your Secret Weapon to Climbing the Corporate Ladder

15/03/2023art of visibility, careergrowth, effectivecommunication, leadership development

I get it. You are a busy bee manager. You’re working hard every day. You’re solving everyone’s problems. You’re attending all important meetings. You’re always giving so much to everyone. You’re showing up for everyone in your team. What I am puzzled about is… How come with so much dedication you’re still in the background? … Read More

How to Leverage Being an Introvert To Get Ahead Post-Pandemic

17/11/2021assertiveness, effectivecommunication, emotional intelligence, mentalhealth

“I get tired easily from making small talk with people at work. It’s an effort. I wish I was as outgoing as others.” Margot, one of the participants in Elevate, my flagship leadership training programme for women, shared recently. I could relate to Margot’s story. People often assume that I am an extrovert – partly … Read More