It’s Monday, and you’re diligently putting in the work, pushing through the challenges.

But here’s a question that deserves your attention: are you unknowingly tiptoeing too close to the burnout bonfire?

Through my journey as a leadership coach, I’ve witnessed burnout sneaking up on countless women without warning.

Let me walk you through the key internal risk factors I’ve identified:

  • Negative self-talk: Are you a pro at beating yourself up, are hard on yourself and self-motivate using “should” and “must” words?
  • Perfectionism: Do you hold excessively high standards for yourself and your team, always striving for flawlessness?
  • People-pleasing: Do you often say “yes” when you truly want to say “no,” prioritizing the need to be liked and helpful while suppressing your own desires and opinions?
  • Over-identification with work: Has your job become your entire identity, blurring the line between your personal life and your professional endeavors?
  • Lack of balance: Are you consumed by your passion for your job or business, leaving little room for other aspects of your life?
  • External drivers: Is your motivation solely fueled by external factors such as praise, meeting performance targets, or seeking attention from superiors, rather than aligning with your genuine values?
  • Neglecting your needs: Are you known as the reliable individual who constantly takes on additional responsibilities, putting everyone else first while disregarding your own well-being? This is a significant warning sign that burnout may be knocking at your door.

If you see yourself reflected in any of the above factors, even partially, beware, my friend. Burnout could be silently creeping into your life.

Now, let’s address a crucial point in protecting yourself against the burnout: assertiveness. Lack of assertiveness is closely linked to the aforementioned risk factors, showing the need to improve your communication, leadership skills, and boundary-setting abilities.

If your assertiveness takes a backseat, burnout seizes the driver’s seat.

Remember, being an exceptional manager does not mean racing headlong into burnout.

Begin by observing how you talk to yourself. Are you nurturing self-compassion or allowing your inner critic to dominate? When you rewire your self-talk and focus on your value proposition, like we teach women in our leadership accelerator, Elevate, your external presence and communication level up, paving the way to a healthier and stronger leadership style.

Another tip: As you take a breather during your summer break, ask yourself: Am I truly aligned with this position and company? Does my current job (business) evoke joy? Start making the necessary shifts and changes that tap into your core values and strengths, to break free from the burnout cycle.

If you resonated with the risk factors I shared, and need our help, we currently have one slot open in Elevate. Book a complimentary strategy session with me here to explore further and determine if you’d be the right fit.

Stay resilient, my friend.

The world needs leaders like you.