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What's Really Holding Women Back?

We’re all well aware of the institutional barriers to women’s career advancement, such as unconscious bias, lack of sponsorship opportunities, or inflexibility of working hours. We need to continue working on those, and help companies diversify their management and leadership. 

Yet corporate women also face some self-made barriers. After a few years in the workplace, women often realise that they can work super hard and it won’t necessarily mean they’ll get promoted.  They begin to understand that they really need to pay attention to workplace dynamics, change some autopilot behaviours and get trained in some strategic, new skills.

Often women do not feel confident advocating for themselves, meaning they don’t speak up about what they want and they don’t make themselves visible. One recent survey showed that 30 percent of professional women do not know what their professional value proposition is. For women to become leaders, identifying this value is the first place to start. Then, they must start to focus on making it visible.

We at Visionary Voices help corporate women improve their self-confidence, and develop a strong set of strategic skills through customised online training and in person workshops. 

What got you here won’t get you there: if you want to step up in your career and achieve your big goals, doing a good job is not enough. You need to get clear on your value proposition and further develop your communication, emotional intelligence, strategic and critical thinking, prioritisation & time management, stress management, problem-solving and creativity.

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Key benefits of our private & group career development programmes for corporate women:

   Engagement & Job Satisfaction
The companies where we have delivered training reported a significant increase in engagement and job satisfaction rates among the participants – as a result of the work on goals-setting and value proposition.

 Improved Communication
The participants become more effective communicators who are more engaged and satisfied by their jobs. 

 Higher Visibility & Presence The employees and managers trained by report a consistent spike in visibility, executive presence and influencing skills.

We equip employees with tools for collaboration and conflict-resolution, resulting in decreased workplace friction, and better teamwork.

   Prioritisation & Delegation
A boost in confidence and clarity on goals and value proposition leads to improved time management, prioritisation and delegation skills.

   Stress Management
Following the training in effective communication, time-management and self-leadership, our participants are able to manage their emotions and stress better.

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Effective Communication

Many tech specialists are unable to explain what they’re working in a plain, clear and concise language to a wider, non-tech audience. We train them in effective, clear communication, as well as active listening.

Agility & Growth Mindset

In today’s highly volatile world, with the crisis underway, you want your team members to be flexible and agile, and be able to adapt to changes fast enough. This soft skill is about shifting the mindset and training your mind.

Strategic/Critical Thinking

The current VUCA world we live in, as well the level of complexity and interconnectedness between computer science, engineering and biology, requires teams to possess the ability to turn data into insightful interpretations.

Collaborating with Others

Effective communication and ability to collaborate well with others is the backbone of high-performing teams. This skill is built on top of Emotional Intelligence: you cannot effectively collaborate with others if you don’t have some level of self-awareness and empathy.

Emotional Intelligence

Self-awareness, ability to manage own stress & fears, as well as empathy for others is the backbone of effective team members. These skills will determine how efficient, performant,  cohesive & creative your team is.

Creativity & Innovation

Ability to think outside of the box and come up with alternative, innovative solutions is the must if you want to stay ahead of the competition.  We offer teams interactive workshops stimulating creativity, and give them tools to stay creative, despite daily pressures.

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