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We work with entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs and senior managers who are ready for even more outstanding results through transforming their leadership and building a winning culture.

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We coach startup founders, entrepreneurs & executive leaders who are ready to transform the results they get, and step into a next-level version of themselves. Coaching is a ‘thinking partnership’ that gives you a clear view of your strengths, your blind spots and a clear roadmap to your next level success. This highly personalized development experience yields significant and sustainable change.

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Now more than ever, businesses need leaders that model resilience, determination & vision in the midst of constant change. We design & deliver highly-customised multi-dimensional Leadership Development training, combining workshops, executive coaching, peer coaching for a personalized development experience. Particular focus on developing female managers & high potential.

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Client relationships. Sales. Team dynamics. Employee engagement. Innovation  Everything that happens boils down to whether your managers build trust, solve problems & inspire action through communication. We deliver interactive workshops for managers on developing communication & Emotional Intelligence, coaching skills & the culture of feedback & inclusion.

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As a leader, your words are going to be repeated, broadcast, commented on and critiqued. Enhance your communication & influencing skills to be impactful in your delivery & to strengthen your personal brand.  We offer 1:1 coaching and interactive workshops for those who are ready to communicate with impact to any audience: employees, investors, customers & media.

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“Culture is driven by language, and a company CEO is the shaman of the culture.” - Danny Meyer, Founder of Shack Shack

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