Rewrite the Rules: How Women Can Take Up Space


Today is International Women’s Day and I’m feeling torn. Part of me wants to celebrate loudly every woman in my life who has, and does, inspire me. After all, women represent half the planet, bear children, and carry the lion’s share of responsibility for raising the next generation. We are pretty amazing. But the stark … Read More

Quitting Is For Winners


Is quitting for losers or winners? I have been receiving messages and comments from women after my LinkedIn post last week about the resignation of the Scottish leader, Nicola Sturgeon, and the skill of quitting in general. “Not everyone has the option to quit. If I had flat out ‘quit’ my former position without another … Read More

From Burnout to Business Owner: One Woman’s Story


“I was under so much stress and duress, working 60+ hours per week, I missed the signs that my son was not doing well,” Karina shared. A senior executive at a multinational company, she decided that she’d had enough, left her corporate career last summer, and is now launching her consultancy business. You’ve heard the … Read More

Recharge Your Batteries: The Benefits of Regular Fun


Since we are in August, the traditional summer holiday month in Europe, let’s talk about fun. I am curious – how much fun is there in your life currently, A few years ago, I realised that I had a complicated relationship with fun. I grew up in a conservative family with my parents doctors who … Read More

Unlocking Your Leadership Potential Through Energy Management


There are many reasons why energy management is the number 1 skill we tackle within my leadership development programme for women, Elevate. Reason #1: You can’t pour from an empty cup. When you’re running on low energy or empty, you feel distracted, tired, overwhelmed, stressed and irritable. Your focus will be on getting through your … Read More

Mastering Job Interviews: Tips to Stay Calm and Confident


“I feel intimidated when I talk to the company CEO. How can I communicate with confidence?” “How do I project leadership presence in a high-level meeting with senior leaders in the room?” “I get nervous in job interviews. How do I stay calm and composed?” An expert in communication skills and women’s leadership, I get … Read More

8 Ways To Manage Your Boss

29/04/2019art of visibility, emotional intelligence, Employee engagement, goal setting, Happiness At Work, interpersonal intelligence, Leadership, leadership development, management, Mindfulness, soft skills, Uncategorized

If you went to one of my workshops or were part of the group coaching assignments I led, you already heard me speak about the importance of building a healthy positive relationship with one’s boss. There are certain basic skills that everyone should be given access to, in order to succeed in and enjoy their professional life. … Read More