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Tired of playing small and not growing your business fast enough?

You know you need to take marketing more seriously but you’re not sure where to start. There are so many strategies out there: PR, blogging, thought leadership,  email marketing, social media, videos, webinars, Facebook ads… But there’re only 24 hours in a day and you have limited resources…

We can help you create a PR system for your business that will generate a constant stream of leads and sales – so you can stop wondering where your next customer or client is coming from.

Founded by former frontline journalists from BBC, AFP and Bloomberg News, Visionary Voices PR is a media-driven shop. In keeping with our nature, we chase stories, not clients. We are hardwired to help companies build their narrative, expertly package it, and deliver it to their target audiences.

Our clients share similar traits…a history of success with a vision to change the playing field. They are thought leaders in the areas of technology, entrepreneurship and innovation, focused on transforming industries ranging from autotech to AI, e-commerce to digital health, and everything in between.

Headquartered in the heart of Paris, France, Visionary Voices PR has helped many stage start-ups, publicly traded companies, VCs, government innovation agencies, and solopreneurs capture the public’s imagination.

Our PR Can
Transform Your Destiny

Make Your Brand Shine

We will help polish your positioning so that our PR and social media campaigns can bring it to life in transformative new ways.


Take You to Your Next Level

We will work with you and your team on an integrated marketing approach that drives lead generations, builds revenue and industry credibility to increase your company’s value and put you on top.


Enhance Your Thought Leadership

We’ll help you showcase your most brilliant achievements and get you the recognition you deserve through speaking engagements, bylines, media quotes and awards.


Become Media-Savvy

We will equip your executive team with the tools, techniques and tricks they need to become effective media communicators – whether by camera, on stage, or on the phone.

The Team

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Nadira Artyk, Founder

A former BBC news editor and radio producer, Nadira is passionate about using PR and communication to help smart businesses improve their bottom line, grow fast and make a difference in the world.


David Whitehouse, Consultant

David has been a financial editor for over 20 years. He wrote In Search of Rwanda’s Génocidaires French Justice and the Lost Decades, and co-wrote We Didn’t Start the Fire My Struggle for Democracy in Cambodia.

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Margarita Davidov, Consultant

A recent graduate of University of Southern California with a major in digital media, Margarita specialises in social media campaigns and engagement.

Numerous businesses have trusted us.

Let’s hear what they have to say.

“Visionary Voices PR helped me clarify my business’ unique value proposition, find the brand’s voice and craft my messaging. They also helped me target the media relevant to my brand, and taught me all the essential steps for pitching the media effectively.”

Lisa RankinFlavors of Paris

“Visionary Voices PR helped me develop a marketing strategy where my brand and core message shines through. In our time together I became more clear what my strengths were and how to leverage them. I am now more visible with a clear and compelling offer for my clients, achieving greater success. Thank you, Nadira, for your honest approach!”

Shannon MayerCreative Impact Consulting Inc.

“From a journalist’s perspective, Nadira is a dream PR strategist. She knows exactly what makes a story, what angle will capture editors’ interest and how to present it in a compelling way. Her passion for promoting female voices to the forefront of the media, combined with intuition for a good media copy is the winner. Not to mention that she is a pleasure to work with.”

Hamid IsmailovBBC

Let’s work together.

If you want a PR firm that is honest, hard-working and able to deliver outstanding results, look no further!