Use Your Voice. Build A Strong Personal Brand.

Why to build your thought leadership?

Gone are the days in which CEOs and founders can expect to remain a faceless, behind-the-scenes force of the company. Think Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos. Within a dynamic industry landscape, CEOs across all verticals are stepping up to become the driving market force behind their brand, openly advocating for their company’s values, culture, and intellectual capital.

A company’s brand is often an extension of their chief executive’s reputation. As a CEO, you’re committed to the long-game. Positioning yourself as an industry thought leader will give your company a sought-after voice, create a competitive edge, build customer loyalty and ultimately boost revenue.

Effective thought leadership establishes a company as both customer-focused and innovative while demonstrating a clear sense of direction and industry expertise. An active thought leadership strategy can even act as the catalyst that helps CEOs to test new ideas.

We work with CEOs and key senior people to outline a few potential topics for panels, keynote speeches, and secure speaking opportunities at events that target their industry. We help our clients host a live Q&A in the office or host a free workshop, and invite key members of the media, influencers and VIP customers. Small intimate events can have a big payoff in terms of securing brand advocacy, and natural social media extension through captured content.

A recurring Q+A over Zoom with a company founder through live streaming is a great way to connect with wide audience without the extra travel time and logistics. New and existing customers will love learning about emerging trends, favourite products, and any opportunity to provide feedback and insights on future products and company development.

Why to Build Your Thought Leadership?

   Personal Brand
As a CEO and leader, you need to develop a strong personal brand and reputation that will help your company’s growth.

   Join Key Discussions
Businesses and leaders are debating the issues that are at the heart of your business every day. If you don’t build your thought leadership, you are left out and are not shaping the future.

  Personal Platform
Develop your outlets for speaking, publishing, and network engagement, both inside and outside of your company.

   Use the power of your voice
Your voice is powerful, and if you’re not using it, you’re playing small. 

   Build customer trust
Bueat culture. 

   Build Authority
Define your values, strengths, and intentions to provide the resiliency and self-esteem needed for leadership.

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Build Self-Awareness as a Leader

What got you here won’t get you there. To be the leader your team deserves you need to raise your self-awareness as a leader, develop your EQ, learn to stay grounded and calm in any situations, to have people follow, respect and admire you.

Create a Feedback Culture

When you learn how to deliver constructive feedback in difficult situations, and instil this habit in every member of your team, including managers, you can start building a culture of feedback, and an safe environment for your employees built on transparency, mutual support and growth.

Communicate with Confidence

We will equip you with proven communication techniques so you find the right words for every situation. We will help you master the art of storytelling so you supercharge your pitch, and talk with conviction to investors, journalists and a wider audience.

Master Team Management

To get results from others, in the right way, learn how to delegate work in a way that it actually gets done. Learn how to coach your team instead of micromanagement, how to hold your people accountable and get the most out of meetings.

Develop a World-Class Scalable Team

Taking responsibility for your company’s cultures means learning to recruit superstar employees, how to motivate, develop and upskill them, and how cultivate a growth mindset within your team — we will provide you with the tools for all this!

Take Care of Yourself

You can’t lead others if you can’t lead yourself. Learn how to hold yourself accountable, how to keep your mental and emotional balance, and manage your time, energy and work-life balance so that you are at your most efficient yet happiest at the end of each day.

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