You’ve heard the news, my friend: women managers and executives are leaving companies in the largest numbers.
Yet for every 5 women who have moved on to the greener pastures, there are 50 more who are ploughing through, stressed, putting up with microaggressions, feeling under-valued and pushing to prove themselves over and over.
IIf you feel you are one of them, take a moment for self-reflexion:
1. Own your desires and needs fully.
Ask yourself “What do I need to feel good about my career? Why is this important to me?”
2. Accept your fears but don’t let them rule your life.
We all have fears. The first step is to get clear on what you’re afraid of, so your fears are not in the driving seat of your life.
3. Design a powerful vision for the next stage of your career.
Create a step-by-step strategic plan. This will help you make the first small steps despite your fears.
4. Learn to ask for what you want and to sell yourself.
If you don’t know how to advocate for yourself, things are unlikely to change, even if you change jobs, companies and industries.
5. Quit working so hard. Be smart and strategic, instead.
So many women managers struggle setting boundaries, do not leverage their networks, do not influence, overcommit, do not delegate efficiently, and take things personally.