Awaken a change-maker inside you!

12/02/2014entrepreneurship, Leadership, Mindfulness

Minus 10, minus 8, minus 10 again. The temperatures in northern Tajikistan have stayed well below zero Celsius since mid-January. The snow-covered roads are hard to navigate, village schools are not heated. Children have been staying at home, with entire families squashed in one stove-heated room. Last fall it was the cotton harvest that distracted … Read More

Assertiveness: do you speak up?

10/11/2013Employee engagement, entrepreneurship, gender equality, Leadership, personal branding, soft skills, talent management, Uncategorized, work-life balance

“I spoke up about the issue!” my client Julie looked radiant. She shared that she had raised her long-standing concerns about how a large-scaled project was being managed to the top management of her company.  The issue had bothered her for a long time and she’d been speaking about it to everyone but… her bosses. … Read More

Eight lessons from Deauville

29/10/2013Employee engagement, entrepreneurship, gender equality, Leadership, networking, soft skills, talent management, Uncategorized, work-life balance

1300 business women gathered earlier this month in Deauville for the ninth Women’s Forum. The sun was shining on the sea, the champagne was glittering in flute glasses, and the participants who came from around the globe exchanged, debated and networked in powerful ways. What did we learn? What beliefs were confirmed? What myths were … Read More

Smart Leadership: how good are your people skills?

12/08/2013Employee engagement, entrepreneurship, Leadership, networking, talent management, work-life balance

A twenty-year old study of leadership effectiveness conducted by Stanford University’s School of Business concluded that about 15 percent of one’s success in leading organizations comes from technical skills and knowledge, while 85 percent comes from the ability to connect with people and engender trust and mutual understanding. Through my coaching and leadership training work, … Read More