With the help of ChatGPT, I’ve come up with this new episode for the famous Netflix show “Emily In Paris” — and the theme is assertiveness, power of active listening and reading the room.


EMILY COOPER, full of life and fashionably bold, and LUC, a laid-back, quick-witted co-worker, are discussing an upcoming campaign pitch. Their boss, SYLVIE, as stylish as she is stern, walks into the room.

SYLVIE: (eyeing Emily’s sequined blazer) Has a disco ball been sacrificed for that ensemble, Emily?

Emily, grinning, shrugs.

EMILY: Go big or go home, Sylvie. That’s how we do it in the States.

SYLVIE: (laughs) And is that why American parties sound like a stock exchange?

Luc chuckles, interjecting.

LUC: Don’t take it personally, Emily. She thinks the same about our French soirées.

Emily playfully rolls her eyes, defensively clutching her sequined blazer.

EMILY: We’re not loud, we’re assertive!

SYLVIE: Emily, assertiveness isn’t just about making noise or dressing like a walking glitter bomb. It’s also about knowing when to be quiet, to observe, to listen, to read the room.

Emily raises an eyebrow, intrigued.

EMILY: Listen and read the room?

Luc leans back, hands behind his head, looking thoughtful.

LUC: Yeah, listen to what people are saying, or not saying. Understand the dynamics, the unsaid rules of the room.

Sylvie nods, her eyes serious.

SYLVIE: You may stand out with that blazer, but can you blend in when necessary? Will you discern the undertones in conversations, the subtleties in negotiations?

Emily takes off her blazer, her face reflecting a newfound understanding.

EMILY: So, standing out isn’t always the answer. Sometimes, blending in, listening more, that’s important too?

Sylvie and Luc share a nod of approval.

LUC & SYLVIE: (in unison) Absolument!

EMILY: Well then, it seems I have a room to read, and some listening to do.

Although Emily discards the sequins, opens her ears, and seems ready to balance her American assertiveness with the subtle art of French influencing, her transformation will not be complete without appropriate coaching or training in leadership communication, Emotional Intelligence and conflict management — the way we combine it all since our Elevate leadership accelerator for women rising leaders. 😉

What did you think? Did you enjoy reading the scene?

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