Dealing with difficult people in 6 simple steps

24/12/2014emotional intelligence, Employee engagement, Happiness At Work, interpersonal intelligence, Leadership, talent management, Uncategorized, work-life balance

‘Difficult ‘ or unreasonable people and situations are part of our life – both at the workplace and outside. People who can’t stop talking and have an opinion on every issue. People who are demanding and critical, and intimidate others. Grumpy people who complain non-stop. People who don’t deliver or follow through. Or those that are quick … Read More

Ten Habits of Highly Confident People

10/07/2014Employee engagement, entrepreneurship, Happiness At Work, Leadership

A famous American tennis player, Arthur Ashe once said « One important to key to success is self-confidence, and an important key to self-confidence is preparation ». What is self-confidence? For one, it’s the biggest differentiating factor between people who obtain what they want and those who don’t. Self-confidence is all about believing in your intrinsic unique value, … Read More

Six myths and excuses that keep you stuck in a dead-end job

02/06/2014career transitions, cover letters and resumes, Employee engagement, Happiness At Work, job search

Burned out. Stressed. Bored. Frustrated. Angry. Resentful. These are the words my clients use to describe their current job situation. Do any of them ring a bell? One of my clients, Marie, 38, was full of regret about the time she spent with a renowned international consultancy firm. “Those years were a total waste,” she … Read More