Expat Executives: the Secrets to Being Happy and Successful Abroad

12/09/2014career transitions, Employee engagement, expatriation, Leadership, talent management, work-life balance

As more and more companies are expanding operations across borders, there is a growing need for executives to become global managers with a global perspective. It often means a global mindset with a deep understanding of international perspective, cultural portability and cultural intelligence. The biggest challenges faced by global managers working in a 24/7 interconnected … Read More

Six myths and excuses that keep you stuck in a dead-end job

02/06/2014career transitions, cover letters and resumes, Employee engagement, Happiness At Work, job search

Burned out. Stressed. Bored. Frustrated. Angry. Resentful. These are the words my clients use to describe their current job situation. Do any of them ring a bell? One of my clients, Marie, 38, was full of regret about the time she spent with a renowned international consultancy firm. “Those years were a total waste,” she … Read More

LinkedIn: 12 Tips to Optimize Your Profile to Find New Jobs & Customers

09/05/2014career transitions, cover letters and resumes, entrepreneurship, job search, LinkedIn

You can no longer ignore LinkedIn. It is the Number One social networking site for professionals looking for new opportunities. With one user being added every single second, LinkedIn has been growing exponentially and has now reached 300 million members across 200 countries. Having a LinkedIn profile is not enough. With more people and businesses adding their profiles every day,the challenge … Read More

Dealing with redundancy

30/06/2013career transitions, job search, redundancy, talent management

Sadly, redundancies are a fact of life in today’s workplace.  A lot of industries and sectors are downsizing, and the cuts often focus on countries with the highest employee costs, starting with France and Belgium. Redundancy is never an easy process to undergo and is usually quite upsetting for the employee. Upon hearing that you’re being … Read More