Are you prepared to bend geography?

12/04/2013career transitions, entrepreneurship, job search, Leadership, talent management, Uncategorized, work-life balance

A CEO who runs her company from Paris during weekdays but spends weekends at her home in the Alps. A journalist based in Paris who commutes to London every two weeks. A media trainer and consultant shuttling between Amsterdam and South Asia who’s chosen Chamonix, France, as his home base. A French project manager targeting … Read More

Personal Value Proposition and why it matters

16/03/2013career transitions, cover letters and resumes, entrepreneurship, job search, Leadership, networking, talent management

Your Personal Value Proposition – or PVP – is at the heart of your career strategy.  It is the foundation for everything in a job search and career progression – getting promoted, targeting potential employers, attracting the assistance of others, and explaining why you are the one to choose. It shows right employers why they … Read More

Why do we need to know our talents?

09/01/2012talent management

We will know or have met people whose personalities transform when they perform or do something they love.  Sometimes it happens when they are at work, a lot of times we see this transformation when they are engaged in a hobby activity.  Why does this change happen – their eyes fill up with passion and … Read More