Credit: Ariane Dollfus
Credit: Ariane Dollfus

Five of the attacks last Friday in Paris took place in my old neighborhood, a couple of them meters from my old home. It hit us even closer home when we heard that my son’s friend lost a teacher. Thirty 11 year olds showed up this morning to what was supposed to be their English language class, only to find out that their young teacher was killed among dozens of others… Understandably, I am in deep shock and heartbroken. Like most Parisians.

What do we, ordinary citizens, do in face of such incomrehensible in their cruelty acts? What do we do with the anger and heartbreak we feel inside? And with fear? Lots of fear?

The terrorists’ intention is to spread fear and division, hatred and cowardness among us. Well… let’s not give them this. Let us turn our strong emotions into the opposite… Into Love and all that derives from Love.

Let’s turn towards tolerance, patience, generosity, appreciation, solidarity, understanding and gratitude. And not racism, discrimination, intolerance and the like – what the bad guys are hoping we will choose…

My second answer to the fears we are all feeling inside today is…  Courage.

Choose Courage. Choose to be bold and daring. Do not hold yourself back. Do what you’ve always wanted but have been fearing to do and do it TODAY. Choose to express the talents fully you’ve been keeping inside. Contribute to the society special “that” only you can contribute. Get out of the rut, wherever it is in your life.

Make the world a better place for yourself and your children, by getting out of shadows and upping your game. Finding what you stand for and acting on it. Get in touch with your Big Dream and make a first step towards fulfilling it. Act TODAY.

Because there is no better time than now. Because your impact is needed. Because we live once and life, as witnessed by last week’s events,… well…can be short…

And if you need help in finding courage to step out your comfort zone and make needed changes in your life, reach out. I am here to help.

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